As 2023 wanes and 2024 dawns, we have a lot of changes on our minds here at Spaceport Shireton.   Based on our experience last year, the Halfling and I know that saying what you “will accomplish” in the form a new year’s resolutions is a futile endeavor – the Nornir (Fates) have their own plans for you, and there’s only so much you can plan for, but with that in mind, we have some simple goals for 2024.

  • Move Journeys in Active Fandom to video where possible and upload the conversations to both YouTube and our audio podcasting platform.
  • Build out our guest room as a podcast and YouTube studio so that we have a dedicated space to record.
  • Find new bumper music for the podcast which reflects our love of all things fantasy and science fiction.
  • Launch our new show The Halfling and the Spaceman Play… Where we get together monthly here at Spaceport Shireton with people from a variety of backgrounds, and play games… on video!

All of these things while we continue to produce the podcast, “Catching Up With”, and attending and covering conventions!

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