Our Shows




Journeys in Active Fandom – In our central show, Journeys in Active Fandom, we meet and have conversations with people who have been inspired by their fandom to become creators themselves.  We strive to meet people of all backgrounds and walks of life.  We explore who people are, what inspires them, and what they create.  Most of the conversation are with people who love nerdy things like; anime,  comics, cosplay, or anything speculative fiction related.
Format:  Audio
Length:  approximately 1 hour
Frequency:  Weekly (as guests allow)


Catching Up With – A companion segment to Journeys in Active Fandom, we catch back up with creators who have been on our audio podcast.   We discuss things like; what life changes they’ve experienced,  any new conventions or shows they’ve attended, or any new work they’ve produced.
Format: Video and Audio
Length: approximately 15 minutes.
Frequency: Weekly (as guests allow)


Unexpected Journeys with the Halfling and the Spaceman. – We travel to conventions and speak with the attendees, vendors, guests, and organizers.   A single Journey will consist of multiple segments. 
Format: Video
Length: varies depending on the number of segments.
Frequency: Intermittent (based on convention schedules)


Future Plans


The Halfling and the Spaceman Play… – Our proposed actual play video cast which will be recorded in person at Spaceport Shireton.   We have a tentative eye to late 2024 for the recording of the first episode.   Our goal is to have real people from diverse backgrounds, with a mix of gamers and non-gamers, come together for 4 hours to play a game.  This is in the early planning stages, but The Spaceman has been itching to get back into Table-Top Role Playing Games (TTRPGs).  Casting participants for this show should begin late 2nd Quarter of early 3rd Quarter of 2024.
Format: Video
Length: Between 4 and 5 hours
Frequency:  Monthly


Unnamed TTRPG Show – Tabletop Role-Playing Games (TTRPGs) have long been one of our great entertainment and storytelling loves, and the Spaceman plans to revisit them in the future in this dedicated show co-hosted by one of the partners from their old TTRPG magazine.  This show is the furthest out and is very much in the idea phase. 
Format: Video
Length: to be determined
Frequency:  to be determined