As 2023 wanes and 2024 dawns, we have a lot of changes on our minds here at Spaceport Shireton.   Based on our experience last year, the Halfling and I know that saying what you “will accomplish” in the form a new year’s resolutions is a futile endeavor – the Nornir (Fates) have their own plans for you, and there’s only so much you can plan for, but with that in mind, we have some simple goals for 2024.

  • Move Journeys in Active Fandom to video where possible and upload the conversations to both YouTube and our audio podcasting platform.
  • Build out our guest room as a podcast and YouTube studio so that we have a dedicated space to record.
  • Find new bumper music for the podcast which reflects our love of all things fantasy and science fiction.
  • Launch our new show The Halfling and the Spaceman Play… Where we get together monthly here at Spaceport Shireton with people from a variety of backgrounds, and play games… on video!

All of these things while we continue to produce the podcast, “Catching Up With”, and attending and covering conventions!

Black Speculative Fiction Month, celebrated every October, is a month to commemorate speculative fiction written by and about Black folks. Author, Afroretroism expert, and game writer Balogun Ojetade cofounded the month along with writer and publisher Milton Davis. On our podcast we’ve had the pleasure of talking with several black creators and writers. What follows is a list of those we talked with and links to their episodes. Please check them out and join us as we celebrate creators of the African Diaspora.


Nicole Givens Kurtz, Author and Publisher

James Bullock, Convention Organizer and Anime Fan

Milton Davis, Author and Publisher

James Young, Author

Barr Foxx, Cosplayer and TV/Film Producer

Wole Talabi, Author

Dru Phillips, Photographer and Cosplayer

Matt Jones, Comic Book Writer, Publisher, and Convention Organizer

“Coach” Monroe, Publisher and Writer, Essential Comics

Eugen Bacon, Author

Linda Addison, Author and Poet